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The teachers listed on TTI Recruitment have been screened and meet the requirements of getting a Visa

Flexible Recruitment

You can decide to simply access our teacher resumes or for TTI to fully recruit your teachers for your school.

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We have many teachers so our teacher resume board is updated daily.

About TESOL Training International Recruitment

TESOL Training Recruitment specializes in assisting educational organizations and language schools in China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and around the world with ESL teacher recruitment. Hiring professional, qualified teachers is not only the most important task to ensure a successful school.

  • We have over 11 years of experience in the ESL industry
  • Founded by TESOL Training International
  • Our recruiters used to be teachers themselves
  • We are well known for offering an honest, effective and friendly service
  • We have a large database of qualified teachers looking for teaching jobs
  • We also specialize in hiring subject teachers, senior teachers,
  • Directors of Studies and Curriculum Developers
  • Our teachers love us and the service we provide teachers is completely free

How the process works

In most cases this is the way the recruiting process works:

Tailored to your needs

Your personal recruitment consultant will speak with you to collect information on your recruitment needs, details on the jobs you need filling and the type of teachers you are looking to hire.


Our team will promote your jobs on our website, which receives thousands of visitors per week, as well as promoting your jobs through our network of recruitment and advertising channels, social media and newsletter (which goes out to ESL teachers).


We screen the applicants based on the exact type of teacher you are looking for, including qualifications and experience and make sure they are a good match for the job. We also collect all the necessary documents.


We make it a priotity to offer flexible services to your to lively Colors needs home to lively Colors


You hire the teacher that you like best and begin the visa application process. We will be there to assist throughout the recruitment process and help the teacher with whatever needs to be done up until their arrival at your school.


You will only pay us a fee when a teacher arrives at your school, signs an employment contract and starts work. Even then, we offer a 100% refund or quick replacement should things not work out during the probation period.

Our rates

To start working with us you can contact us about the services we offer:

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" I was a teacher in the UK and became despondent with the UK education system, a mundane and predictable social life. Now I live and work in Shanghai and would not want to be anywhere else.” Robin Watts, Wall Street English Shanghai"

Anthony Roobs

" I have worked with TESOL Training International for 4 years and found them to be the most professional and competent recruitment outfit in the ESL industry. Time and time again TTI went above and beyond to support the recruitment needs of Wall Street English. As both a recruiter and supervisor for Wall Street English I found their efforts and results to be of the utmost value. This is a creative team that provides quality and quantity candidates on a consistent level. "

Miriam Wood

" Classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making literature from 45 BC, making sure there isn't years old sure there isn't years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia "

Lalita Borse